Our Approach

We use specific market research methodologies to create solutions tailored specifically for your company. We become extensions of your business.

Define objectives

Research Solutions begins by working with you to clearly define the research objectives—the criteria that guide the project. Defining the research questions in the planning stages is critical to achieving productive results. 

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Identify demographics

Next, we determine the demographics/psychographics of the populations that possess the answers to the research questions identified.  It is imperative to have the right people in the focus group room, or taking the survey, or participating in a product placement.

Research design

Finally, we determine the appropriate qualitative and/or quantitative research design that most effectively reaches the populations we research. We know what works and what doesn’t. We get your project on the right track and keep it there, avoiding pitfalls and non-productive strategies. You can rely on our real-world experience to safeguard your project.


The insights you need.

We use the right strategies, the right methodologies, and ask the right questions of the right people. We go beyond the “what” to the “why” of responses. By uncovering underlying motivations, we gather insights that give you direction.

Let us help with your next research project.

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